About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Lori Rizzo, and I have had the pleasure of creating balloon animals for children of all ages for many wonderful years. In addition to balloons I' ve also had the pleasure of creating beautiful face paints for children of all ages as well. My clients always go away smiling with the treasures they receive! Boys and girls alike get to pick from many patterns of balloons, as well as face paint designs. From a princess to a parrot, from an alligator to an airplane, from a pig to a pirate, our balloons are sure to please! There are literally hundreds of balloons to choose from! Face paint designs vary extensively as well! A child can chose a flower, rainbow, basketball, or snake, just to name of few.

There are many designs to choose from and the child can decide if they would like the painting on their hand or on their face. We always top the painting off with some sparkly glitter to jazz things up (as long as the child wants some – most do).

Colorful Creations artists have been bringing joy to the world with their fine artistry for several years and continue to go strong! Fine establishments all over the Houston/Katy area have enjoyed the entertainment value that our artists provide. We establish a regular clientele in that once a family knows there will be a Colorful Creations artist at their restaurant of choice, they keep returning because they know an artist will be there to entertain their children! The love of the art has inspired a constant quest for learning and growing within the field. This quest has led, and continues to lead into an ever expanding knowledge base of more patterns with which to entertain our clients!

The growth we have experienced has attracted new and wonderful artists to our team which continues to grow. Booking a Colorful Creations artist for your birthday party or special occasion will truly be the icing on the cake! Everyone will have so much fun with our wonderful balloons and face paints.

We are blessed to include other services as well. We have a clown named Bling Bling. She is fun and fabulous!! She offers a dazzling magic show that will leave everyone amazed! Her services include balloon art and face painting as well! In addition we provide decorative balloons for special occasions such as bridal showers and weddings to name a few! What a nice and innovative touch it is to have balloon flowers and hearts at such special occasions!

Balloon Palm trees constructed by our marvelous team are the talk of any fabulous party, they stand about eight feet tall, and decorate any room for any special event, from a luau to a corporate event a balloon palm might be just the thing to jazz things up and create the atmosphere you desire. We look forward to serving you so give us a call today! You will be glad you did!

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