Ask Your Energy Field

Each week we will provide a sample question for you to ask your energy field so that you realize the magnitude of possibilities here. This technique is truly innovative and powerful. Respect this and empower yourself with this and do not treat it lightly. This will take your life in a new and exciting direction! So be prepared, you are about to soar!


Sample Question: “Does this music resonate with me?” (choose one of your favorite CD’s, tapes, or albums depending on what you use, and find out if it is empowering or weakening to your energy field).

That which resonates with us empowers us and makes us stronger. That which repels us does the exact opposite, it disempowers us and weakens our energy field, choose wisely!

Have you ever asked the question "why am I here?", or questioned if a certain food or drink was in fact healthy for your body? Have you ever sat to ponder the meaning of life? Well you are about to get the answers you seek! Excited? You should be! There is a fool proof way to decipher truth from falsehood, "right" from "wrong" "good" from "bad" and how it relates directly to you and your life! The truth of the matter is that we are all energy, and everything around us is energy! Absolutely every single thing you encounter is energy, and according to the Universal Law of Vibration (and Attraction which you may have already heard of - the Law of Attraction is actually a subset of the Law of Vibration) everything is energy which vibrates at a specific frequency. The "Higher" the life form the "Higher" the frequency - so a living breathing human being will vibrate higher than say a table or chair, but each is in a constant state of vibration and change! Make no mistake about it! Because of this truth, our energy fields reflect that which "resonates" with us and that which is "repelled". Ok, lets make this a bit easier to understand if you are not with me so artificially sweetened cream filled cake, full of chemicals, made from a factory; good for us? or not? Well, most of us instinctivly know that it is NOT good for us, and because it is not, it does NOT RESONATE with us, or our energy field which surrounds our body. This energy field "tells" us via Applied Kinesiology - which I will explain in a minute, exactly what is "good" and or "bad" for us! Applied Kinesiology uses the musculatory system ie., the muscles in ones arm for instance, to "tell" us if something or someone resonates with us or not! If a certain situation or issue resonates or repels us! How cool is that?! Okay ready to learn HOW to do it? This is easy and fun!


Step 1:  Remove your watch (the quartz interferes with the energy frequencies)


Step 2:  Have someone who is willing to assist you in the process - someone with some strength to them - a small child would not be the best choice


Step 3:  Extend your right arm straight in front of you as if you were pointing to something directly in your line of view, so that your shoulder and wrist are aligned


Step 4:  Relax your extended hand, do not make a tight fist


Step 5:  Think of something that you know for a fact to be true ie., your eye color, your exact weight or anything else you know for a fact to be true


Step 6:  Now have your helper extend their right arm the same way as yours holding their index and middle finger out with all other fingers tucked in


Step 7:  Have them push down on your arm at the wrist  - your arm will remain strong because the truth that you are thinking about resonates with you


Step 8: Think of something you know to be false ie., if your eyes are brown and you think to yourself "my eyes are green" for instance - now have your helper push down in the exact same fashion your arm will go weak (or go down) because it is a falsehood and does NOT resonate with you!


You can apply this technique to anything and everything in your life! How cool is that?!  When you realize the importance of knowing this technique, you can empower yourself and live your life for the better! Good luck with this and I pray that your life becomes all that you dream it can be!

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